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Featured Listing: Altar Furniture

By Admin / September 26, 2016

We have reached the Sundry category within our Furniture theme.  Sundry, being the catch-all category it is, really could have gone a lot of different ways. But when I found Altar Furniture, I knew it was the one​.   Coffee table pinball machines designed to the style of Star Wars droids? Doesn’t get much geekier than that.What […]


Featured Listing: Acrobatica Infiniti Circus

By Admin / August 22, 2016

This week’s entry in the Performers theme is in the Sundry category.  I’m sure there are a lot of performers who fall into this catch-all category, but this one really caught my attention because it just looks like so much fun! Let’s check out Acrobatica Infiniti​!What Is It:Acrobatica Infiniti is a circus, but with nerds.  Fun, […]


Featured Listing: Paul Michael Design

By Admin / July 18, 2016

What Is It:As the Sundry category post in the Jewelry theme, I chose Paul Michael Design.  This fine jewelry maker is proof positive that geeks have inherited the world.  There are so many of us (and we’re apparently spending enough money), that even expensive fine jewelry is being designed to cater to our nerdy interests.Show Me:Paul […]


Featured Listing: Lindsey Stirling

By Admin / May 9, 2016

What Is It:This week’s Music featured listing is in the Sundry category because her performances incorporate a variety of themes – Steampunk, Gaming, pop music and original music.You may already know of this artist, but if not – I’m excited to introduce you to Lindsey Stirling!Lindsey Stirling is a violinist and dancer who combined her skills […]


Featured Listing: Bad Wolf Patterns

By Admin / April 4, 2016

What Is It:So, I’ve been going with a theme for the featured listings lately.  The current theme is “patterns.”  First, we had Cosplay patterns by McCall’s, then last week, we had the Inkarnate Map tool (the closest thing to patterns I could come up with for gaming).  I looked high and low for this week’s […]


Featured Listing: Mertailor

By Admin / February 29, 2016

What Is It:Have you ever wished you were something different?  Maybe something with scales.  Not like a fish, more like…. a mermaid?Well, now you can have the best of both worlds.  You can be a mer-person AND still be your normal human self.  Just put on one of these swimmable mertails made by the Mertailor […]


Featured Listing: Worldbuilders

By Digigirl / January 25, 2016

What Is It:Worldbuilders is a group that runs fundraisers for deserving charities such as Heifer International, Mercy Corps, and First Book.  They certainly are not the only people in the world doing fundraisers, it’s how they do it that caught my attention.Here’s how it works.  Worldbuilders receives donations in the form of books, games, t-shirts […]


Featured Listing: Geek Nation Tours

By Admin / December 21, 2015

What Is It:Today’s featured listing is unlike anything else I’ve seen.  Geek Nation Tours creates tours for geeks, but we’re not just talking a little two hour cruise through Universal Studios.  These tours span days and continents to create an incredible experience!Show Me:There’s a lot of information on their website, plus their Facebook page is […]


Featured Listing: Project Dragonfruit

By Admin / November 16, 2015

Editor’s Note:  The correct name for this app and business is Dragonfruit, not Project Dragonfruit.  Sorry guys – my bad!  Text below has been corrected.What Is It:Do you ever feel like you just don’t fit?  Your family doesn’t understand your interests, and why even bother to tell your coworkers what you’re doing this weekend, right?  Only […]


Featured Listings: Captured Dimensions

By Admin / October 12, 2015

What Is It:Have you ever made a costume that turned out so perfect, you wanted to immortalize it forever?  Or maybe you wished you could have a bride and groom cake ​topper that was actually you and your partner, not some generic couple. That’s what Captured Dimensions does.  Photos only offer a 2D image.  They go […]

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