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Featured Listing: The Machine Brothers

By Admin / October 10, 2016

​Our last entry in the Furniture theme is in the Steampunk category.  I thought that when I went looking for a good Steampunk furniture merchant, I’d have a bunch to choose from.  Surprisingly, that was not the case.  Most of the sites I found were either way outdated and didn’t appear to still be doing […]


Featured Listing: Steam Powered Giraffe

By Admin / August 29, 2016

For our last category in the Performers theme, we come at last to Steampunk. There are a good number of steamy performers ​out there, but a lot of them seem to have come and gone without staying the course.  By contrast, this troupe has been together since 2008 and is still going strong. Let’s take a look […]


Featured Listing: Steelhip Design

By Admin / July 25, 2016

What Is It:Here we are, at the last category in our Jewelry theme – Steampunk.  There is a lot of Steampunk jewelry out and about, but this week’s featured listing really grabbed my attention.Please meet Steelhip Design​Show Me:It’s easy to slap a gear on something and call it Steampunk.  But there are a few artisans […]


Featured Listing: Harlots & Angels

By Admin / April 11, 2016

What Is It:Continuing in our theme of patterns, this week we are talking about Steampunk patterns.  Just like last week, finding some original patterns (as opposed to the commercial ones made by Simplicity or similar) took a bit of searching, but in the end – I was successful!Meet Harlots & Angels, based in the UK.  They […]


Featured Listing: Steampunk Rally

By Admin / March 7, 2016

What Is It:If you want to surround yourself with fun Steampunk goodies (and really, who doesn’t?), don’t stop with just the usual clothes and jewelry.  There’s so much more.For instance, check out this board game, Steampunk Rally.Show Me:Steampunk Rally is a board game for up to 8 players with the theme of inventors racing their vehicles […]


Featured Listing: All Natural Arts

By Admin / February 1, 2016

What Is It:The immense artistic talent that exists in the world never fails to wow me.Take, for instance, Sue Beatrice of All Natural Arts.  Show Me:As part of her All Natural Arts business, Ms. Beatrice creates unbelievably detailed tiny sculptures using primarily old watch parts. Her skill is ​incredible, transforming little gears, screws, and other bits and […]


Featured Listing: Steampunk Scholar

By Admin / December 28, 2015

What Is It:Mike Perschon is an English Professor at MacEwan University.  What makes him unusual is that he wrote his doctoral thesis on Steampunk.While researching for his thesis, he created his blog the Steampunk Scolar to ​help document his studies.  Since then, he has continued to write about the Steampunk aesthetic and reviews of various Steampunk works.Show Me:The […]


Featured Listing: Steampunk Music

By Admin / November 23, 2015

What Is It:The Steampunk culture is an interesting phenomenon.  Hard to pin down, hard to define, hard to really quantify.  It’s an interest, a hobby, a mindset. Along ​with everything else that has been touched by the Steampunk aesthetic, there is, of course, music. is a great way to discover new artists producing music and […]


Featured Listing: Datamancer Labs

By Admin / October 19, 2015

What Is It:If you are like me, you have more than one “life.”  There’s your modern life, shared with everyone around you involving things like your job, bills, and family.  Then there’s your hobby life, which may involve getting dressed up (such as SCA, steampunk, or cosplay).Do you ever wish you could bring some of […]


Featured Listing: Clockwork Couture

By Admin / September 14, 2015

What Is It:Clockwork Couture is a shop in Burbank, CA that sells clothing and accessories for the Steampunk community.  It appears to be an almost single-handedly run shop (from what I can tell)!  Although they have a physical location, clothing sales are online-only and the shop is actually a Tea Shop.  So, if you’d like […]

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