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Featured Listing: Wild Hare Woodworks

By Admin / September 5, 2016

Last week’s post wrapped up the Performers Theme with a bang, featuring Steam Powered Giraffe. So this week we are starting a whole new theme!  This month’s theme will be Furniture.  And to start us off right, I present Wild Hare Woodworks in the SCA category.​What Is It:There are a couple of different types of furniture […]


Featured Listing: True Thomas the Storyteller

By Admin / August 1, 2016

This week, we are starting a whole new theme – Performers!  And our first category will be SCA.What Is It:There are many different types of performers.  In the SCA, most performers are called “bards” (though I know a few who really *hate* that term). But they don’t all sing or write poetry.  There are occasional tumblers, […]


Featured Listing: Ganderwick Creations

By Admin / June 27, 2016

What Is It:This month’s theme is Jewelry and first up is the SCA category.  It’s hard to find jewelry in some categories, but that is not the case with the SCA. There are many incredibly talented jewelry artisans in the SCA, so this time it wasn’t hard to find a listing – it was hard to […]


Featured Listing: Bakchus

By Admin / May 23, 2016

What Is It:Our final featured Music listing is in the SCA category.  Bakchus is a band of Medieval ​musicians from the Czech Republic.  First coming together in 2006, they’ve performed all over Europe and even Japan, as well as appearing in films and television shows.  Show Me:Here are some images from past concerts.  I wonder […]


Featured Listing: Margo’s Patterns

By Admin / April 18, 2016

What Is It:The last category in our Patterns theme is Medieval or Renaissance patterns for SCA (or other reenactors).  Unlike the other categories, I found several independent pattern makers! I haven’t used any of them myself, so I looked for reviews to see which ones were the best.  The only one I could find any real […]


Featured Listing: MacGregor Historic Games

By Admin / March 14, 2016

What Is It:What do you think people did in their free time, in the Middle Ages?  There was no Internet then, no Xbox.  Heck, the average person didn’t even have books then. There was no electricity, just candlelight.  Storytelling was popular.  As was going to bed early.  But people are people, no matter what century […]


Featured Listing: Galloglass Brasses

By Admin / February 8, 2016

What Is It:Have you ever looked at elaborate Medieval works of art and wished you could have some for your own home?  Galloglass Brasses is here to make your wish come true.​Specifically, Galloglass can create an original piece in the style of Medieval brasses or recreate an historical piece, just for you.  Show Me:Brasses like […]


Featured Listing: The School of Historical Dress

By Admin / January 4, 2016

What Is It:Recreating clothing from times past can be a challenge.  The further back you go, the harder it gets, as research sources become fewer and farther between.  Many historical sources (paintings, statues, etc.) also tend to become more stylistic than documentary in nature.Lucky for us, there are museums and others around the world who […]


Featured Listing: Ron Cook Studios

By Admin / November 30, 2015

What Is It:Today’s featured listing is perfect timing, now that the holiday season has begun.  Ron Cook Studios crafts Medieval stringed instruments and furniture with incredible hand-carved details.  One of these gorgeous items would be an amazing gift for the Medievalist on your gift list.Show Me:This is truly a case where pictures speak louder than […]


Featured Listing: Laurel Cavanaugh

By Admin / October 26, 2015

What Is It:Full Disclosure:  Laurel Cavanaugh is a personal friend.The devil is in the details.  If you play SCA, you know this to be true.In order to have a great outfit, you must have the accessories – the shoes, the hat, and perhaps, some jewelry.  Otherwise, it just looks incomplete.Enter Laurel Cavanaugh, Goldsmith.  She makes […]

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