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Featured Listing: Geek Chic

By Admin / September 19, 2016

This week’s category for the Furniture theme is Gaming.  And of course, here at the Geek Pages, when we say Gaming, we mean Tabletop Gaming.  Pen and paper role-playing, board games – you name it.  If it’s played live and in person, it counts. In contrast to last week, where the category just really didn’t work with the […]


Featured Listing: Acquisitions Inc.

By Admin / August 15, 2016

What Is It:Gaming is this week’s category within the Performers theme.  And tabletop gaming, by its very nature, is really more about the doing than the watching.  But thanks to the current popularity of streaming live game play, there are a few games out there that have actually become as much of a performance as […]


Featured Listing: Mage Studio

By Admin / July 11, 2016

Continuing in our theme of Jewelry, this week’s featured listing is in the Gaming category.What Is It:There are tons of merchants out there selling jewelry for video gamers.  Sadly, not as many are creating goodies for tabletop gamers.  But I managed to find a few.Now, I am pleased to introduce Mage Studio.​Show Me:Mage Studio makes tabletop gaming […]


Featured Listing: Tabletop Audio

By Admin / May 2, 2016

What Is It:Continuing in our theme of music, this week’s featured listing is in the Gaming category.The goal in role-playing is to experience an adventure in an imaginary world.  But sometimes, the mechanics enc up taking center stage and the imagination gets buried.  Using a tool like Tabletop Audio can help you you and your players see, feel, and […]


Featured Listing: Inkarnate RPG Web Tools

By Admin / March 27, 2016

What Is It:Tabletop role-playing games have been enjoying a renaissance over the past few years.  Go back a bit further, and I remember a time when we all thought RPGs might just fade away, as video games were taking over.I’m so glad that didn’t happen!  There are a lot of things about a live, tabletop […]


Featured Listing: Terranscapes

By Admin / February 22, 2016

What Is It:Tabletop role-playing games are often called “theater of the mind.”  The mechanics of rolling dice, and writing up character stats are just tools to help the players move through an imaginary world and scenario, inventing their characters’ actions as they go along.Some people prefer to play with nothing *but* the mind to create the […]


Featured Listing: Tiny Wooden Pieces

By Admin / January 18, 2016

What Is It:If you are a gamer – and especially any kind of miniatures or war gamer – you will definitely relate to the web comics produced by Tiny Wooden Pieces.This web comic focuses on, in their own words, “board games, card games, and other pop cultures pursuits” and is updated every Friday.Show Me:For this […]


Featured Listing: Fantasy Name Generators

By Admin / December 14, 2015

What Is It:The hardest part of creating a character (I think) is the name.  Whether for a game or a writing project, a picture of the character’s personality and physical self come to me pretty complete.  But it is SO hard to find the perfect name to match up with that vision.So I was pretty […]


Featured Listing: Ambient Mixer

By Admin / November 9, 2015

What Is It:When you are playing a tabletop game, especially role-playing games, there are a variety of ways to encourage immersion in the “theater of mind.”  Props, lighting, and sound are all involved.There are a number of apps out there offering sound effects for gaming.  Ambient Mixer is one that is easy to use and […]


Featured Listing: RPG MapShare

By Admin / October 5, 2015

What Is It:Creating maps for home-brew RPG campaigns can be difficult and time-consuming.  When combined with all the other stuff a gamemaster has to put together, it can make getting ready for a game a chore.Yay the Internet!  Enter RPGMapShare, a free repository of digital maps and other digital goodies for all kinds of games.​Show […]

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