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Featured: Furniture Cosplay

By Admin / September 12, 2016

What Is It:This week is supposed to be the Cosplay entry within the Furniture theme.  But, try as I might – I couldn’t find a single person or company making furniture for cosplayers. I found some cosplay-related stuff like this cool Baymax bed (aff link), and this ​Totoro jumbo sleeping bag (aff link),  but no actual furniture being […]


Featured Listing: Leon Chiro

By Admin / August 8, 2016

What Is It:The next category in our Performers theme is Cosplay, which is really all about performance anyway.  So, with that in mind, I just chose a cosplayer who goes all in with his cosplay art.Please meet, Leon Chiro, professional cosplayer.​Show Me:Leon has been cosplaying since at least 2010, according to his Facebook page.  During […]


Featured Listing: Geekout Props

By Admin / July 4, 2016

What Is It:Our next listing in the Jewelry theme is Geekout Props.  In each of these themes, there is always at least one category that just doesn’t really fit.  Within this theme, Cosplay is our problem child.I looked long and hard to find jewelry that was really cosplay inspired or designed just for cosplayers, and […]


Featured Listing: Player Piano

By Admin / April 25, 2016

Last week, I finished up the “Patterns” theme for Featured Listings posts with the Margo’s Patterns post in the SCA category. So this week, we are start with a whole new theme. Our next theme is “Music,” and I will be showing you listings that celebrate music in all of the different categories here at The […]


Featured Listing: Cosplay by McCall’s

By Admin / March 21, 2016

What Is It:If you’ve ever thought about sewing something from scratch, you’ve probably heard of McCall’s.  They’ve been making sewing patterns since 1870 – everything from ​hand towels to elaborate suits and gowns, and everything in between.  They’ve always had costume patterns, but as with other pattern companies, they were mostly cheesy, too simple or dated.  Not […]


Featured Listing: Frontier Costuming

By Admin / February 15, 2016

What Is It:Cosplay has become this huge *thing.*  It’s everywhere – cosplayers at every possible event, cosplay TV shows, web shows, and articles being published by major news outlets.  ​It just makes a person want to throw on a costume and get involved, am I right?  (Especially costume lovers like us SCA geeks.) But maybe you don’t […]


Featured Listing: The Crooked Feather

By Admin / January 11, 2016

What Is It:Creating costumes can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if you are doing it all yourself.  Consequently, there is a burgeoning industry of small companies offering hand-crafted costume pieces to cosplayers in a variety of genres.One such company is The Crooked Feather.​  This company appears to be the work of one young lady named […]


Featured Listing: Pinky Paradise

By Admin / December 7, 2015

What Is It:There are times when you just need a change.  You could get some new clothes.  Go on a trip.  Find a new restaurant.Or you could get some new eyes.  Show Me:Pinky Paradise is an online store that specializes in colored contact lenses.  Whether you want them for a costume, or just because, it […]


Featured Listing: Arda Wigs

By Admin / November 2, 2015

What Is It:A wig can ​really make or break your costume.  Even if you have the best costume ever, if your wig is bad, it can blow the whole look.  According to many cosplayers, Arda Wigs are reliably great.Show Me:One thing I love about the Arda Wigs website is the way they feature actual cosplayers […]


Featured Listing: COS Culture Magazine

By Admin / September 28, 2015

What Is It:Do you ever feel like there’s amazing cosplay happening out there, but you’re missing it?  Do you wish there was a simple way you could find out what’s happening in the world of cosplay, and learn new techniques?Perhaps Cos Culture Magazine is what you need.​Cos Culture offers a monthly digital magazine (subscription only) […]

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