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By Digigirl / November 7, 2014
Anshelm Arms Gauntlets

Full Disclosure – Brent Junkins (aka Luther Anshelm), the owner/operator of Anshelm Arms is my friend. But that being true doesn’t make his skill and talent at creating gorgeous armor any less real. In fact, he is so skilled an armorer that he was chosen to build the armor for the History Channel show, Full Metal Jousting. (Side note: another SCA artisan made the gambesons for the show).

Full Metal Jousting image

Full Metal Jousting

Brent┬áhas been building armor for the SCA for a long time; longer than I’ve known him, which is over 20 years. He strives to create armor that is as close to historically correct as possible while still being functional for SCA fighting. I’m certainly no expert on armor, but I know the armor he makes is beautiful. And I know lots of people who get really excited when they have new Anshelm armor. ­čÖé

I could post a jillion pictures, but here’s just a sampling of his work:


Other Helms:




I think these pictures speak for themselves. Check out Anshelm Arms for high-quality armor for your SCA kit, costumes or collection.

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