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Featured Listing: Acquisitions Inc.

Featured Listing: Acquisitions Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:

Gaming is this week's category within the Performers theme.  And tabletop gaming, by its very nature, is really more about the doing than the watching.  

But thanks to the current popularity of streaming live game play, there are a few games out there that have actually become as much of a performance as a game for the players.

Please allow me to introduce you to Acquisitions, Incorporated.​

Show Me:

Acquisitions, Incorporated is a highly entertaining, ongoing D&D campaign that has been running since 2008.  It started out as periodic podcasts, later moved to YouTube, and then became live games held at PAX Prime conventions (also recorded and available on YouTube).

The games are actual, live role-play, but some of the episodes are embellished with fun animated intros, like this one:

A collaboration between Penny Arcade and Wizards of the Coast, this is a crew that definitely doesn't take itself too seriously.

There are three characters who have been with the party since the very beginning.

image of Omin Dran of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Omin Dran - CEO of Acquisitions, Inc.
Played by Jerry Holkins

image of Jerry Holkins of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com
image of Binwin Bronzebottom of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.comBinwin Bronzebottom of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Binwin Bronzebottom
Played by Scott Kurtz

image of Scott Kurtz of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com
image of Jim Darkmagic of Acquisition, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Jim Darkmagic
Played by Mike Krahulik

image of Mike Krahulik of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

And the core party is usually joined by an Intern (aka guest star player).

image of Aaeofel Elhromane of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Aeofel Elhromane - Intern
Played by Will Wheaton

image of Wil Wheaton of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com
image of Viari of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Viari - Intern
Played by Patrick Rothfuss

image of Patrick Rothfuss of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com
image of Môrgæn of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Morgaen - Intern
Played by Morgan Webb

image of Morgan Webb of Acquisitions, Inc. | TheGeekPages.com

Not sure what it's all about?  Check out their "Intern Orientation Video" to get a good feel.

Over time, it has gone from a simple game of people sitting around a table, to a stage production including costumes and elaborate props.  

Even without the stage dressing, this is a game that is truly entertaining to watch or listen to.  Just check any part of any video or podcast to see what I mean.

Sum Up:

I could go on for a while in this vein, but I think you get the point.  Fortunately, there is a large back catalog of podcasts and videos for this show.  So if Acquisitions, Inc. is new to you - and you have an hour or two (or 72) to kill - have fun catching up on the story!  

What's your favorite live game on video or podcast?  Tell us in the comments!

Featured Listing: Acquisitions Inc. | TheGeekPages.com
Featured Listing: Acquisitions Inc. | TheGeekPages.com
Featured Listing: Acquisitions Inc. | TheGeekPages.com