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Featured Listing: Acrobatica Infiniti Circus

Featured Listing: Acrobatica Infiniti | TheGeekPages.com

This week's entry in the Performers theme is in the Sundry category.  I'm sure there are a lot of performers who fall into this catch-all category, but this one really caught my attention because it just looks like so much fun!

Let's check out Acrobatica Infiniti​!

What Is It:

Acrobatica Infiniti is a circus, but with nerds.  Fun, right?  Take a look at this quick promo to get a feel.

Show Me:

Acrobatica Infiniti - or AI - primarily performs in the Chicago area, where they started.   You can usually catch them at GenCon annually, as well as other conventions and geeky events in the Midwest area.

image of Acrobatica Infinit's Star Trek | TheGeekPages.com

AI at C2E2

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Leia | TheGeekPages.com

AI at GenCon

They do a great job of making circus fun, by incorporating elements from a wide variety of fandom and pop culture, including movies, comic books, video games and more.

image of Acrobatica Infiniti's Goblin King } TheGeekPages.com

AI's Goblin King

image of Acrobatica Infinit's Wednesday Addams } TheGeekPages.com

AI's Wednesday Addams

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Emma Frost | TheGeekPages.com

AI's Emma Frost

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Harley Quinn | TheGeekPages.com

AI's Harley Quinn

In addition to celebrating nerdiness, they are experienced acrobats performing amazing feats of contortion and skill.  They do aerial trapeze, pole, and rope performances, floor acrobatics, fire-eating, juggling, feats of strength and balance, and more!

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Aeon Flux | TheGeekPages.com

AI's Aeon Flux

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Ghostbusters | TheGeekPages.com

AI's Harley Quinn

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Kaylee from Firefly | TheGeekPages.com

AI's Kaylee from Firefly

image of Acrobatica Infiniti Elastigirl | TheGeekPages.com

AI's Elastigirl 

Sum Up:

I saw a guest performer from Acrobatica Infiniti as part of the Glitter Guild show I saw at GenCon a couple of years ago, and it was great!  I would highly recommend checking out Acrobatica Infiniti as soon as you get a chance.

I hope I get a chance to see a full show soon.  What about you?  Doesn't this sound like fun?  Tell us in the comments!

Featured Listing: Acrobatica Infiniti | TheGeekPages.com
Featured Listing: Acrobatica Infiniti | TheGeekPages.com
Featured Listing: Acrobatica Infiniti | TheGeekPages.com