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By Admin / October 23, 2015

One of the major benefits of The Geek Pages is sharing information with others who like the same things you do. If you have had some experience with any of the listings on the site, PLEASE write a review. It will help others who are looking at the listing.

To write a review, first search and locate the listing you want to review. Once you are on the listing page, look for the green “Write a Review” button at the bottom right of the main listing.
Write a Review at TheGeekPages.com


Click the button and when the review screen comes up:

  • Select the number of stars you want to rate this listing
  • Add a title
  • Write your review!
  • You can even upload a photo, if applicable.

If you are not a logged in member, you will need to add your name and email address.  Your name will be shown on the review, but your email is not shown or linked.  It will only be used in case the editor (that’s me) has a question about your review.

All reviews are checked by a real human (that’s me, again) to prevent spam.

Thank you for sharing your review!



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