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There is nowhere on Earth quite like The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire. We cordially invite you to step into a realm designed and developed expressly to delight you!

Held annually in February.

It starts, as so many things do, with a Renaissance Faire. (Not exactly in the time of the Renaissance, but who’s counting?) It begins as a Faire does: by transporting us to another time and place, where the rules are different and the world is changed.

But this is no ordinary Renaissance Faire — if there is such a thing to begin with. Unlike most faires, which try to attract as many people as possible, we’re only here for the mad people — the kind of people whose creativity and character help make worlds like this live.

This Faire is unbounded. It incorporates and welcomes those from all manner of points in space and time — Klingons and cavemen, werewolves and Steampunks, magicians and time travelers . . . and, of course, Faire folk of all sorts.

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