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Las Vegas: Armour and Weapons custom-made for Film and TV ~ Specialty Props ~ Historical Armour Reproductions for Collectors

Valentine Armouries was started by Robert Valentine over 30 years ago. He has excelled in art all his life, winning art awards and scholarships for oil painting, and he has tried most art mediums. After discovering metal sculpturing, he immediately began to fulfill his boyhood dream to create his own suit of armour. Over the years his range of armour has grown substantially, but he continues to express his artistic passion and create beautiful works of art.

Our philosophy at VA is that replica armour should look as close to the originals as possible. So under Rob’s artful eye, we strive to perfect the templates, techniques, and the craftmanship to achieve the quality of armourers of the past. A renewed interest in the medieval period, evident by the many recreation groups and growth in the RPG genre, has inspired us to try many new armor styles which we are pleased to offer.

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