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True Thomas the Storyteller


“True tells stories with the passion, wit and skill of a master storyteller!” – Festival Producer

True is known as a storyteller with a wide repertoire (from multi-cultural traditional to sci-fi and fantasy) and as someone who has an exciting style for folks of all ages. In the LA Celtic community, he is the Bard of the Queen Medb Encampment, and is featured as a storyteller and Emcee at festivals and renaissance faires. He recently was a featured performer at the LA World Storytelling Festival.

His specialties include researching and creating unique storytelling personae’s who educate and tell stories, first person. The Getty wanted stories for their Illuminated Manuscripts exhibition, and True packed the house. He’s kept audiences from executives to cops, from patients to pre-schools enthralled in storytelling magic.

True leads workshops, seminars, and consults as well. He’s taught storytelling to Disney Animators, and works with a wide variety of clients. His clients include corporations, religious institutions, non-profit orgs, mental health companies, and more. True is an excellent speaker and consultant who has helped many focus their mission, inspire people, and get their message out.

If you need a powerful storyteller, innovative speaker, or creative sparkplug, you need True!

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