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The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments


A society for those who are interested in strange and ancient instruments.

In the years around 1900, a group of well known musicians, calling themselves La Société des Instruments Anciens, gave a series of ‘historical performances’ in Paris in which they presented an eclectic mix of original and arranged baroque music, played on a collection of what were then considered to be wildly exotic instruments; hurdy gurdy, viola d’amore, viola da gamba and harpsichord.

Taking inspiration from these pioneering ancestors, The Society of Strange and Ancient Instruments was founded in 2010 to explore, with similarly unusual instruments, a repertoire that ranges from bawdy ballads, folk songs and earthy dances to high art music from the 18th century and before, as well as newly composed pieces. The members of The Society are all leaders in the field of early music with many years of performing and recording experience.

Our facebook page is a forum for anyone interested in strange and ancient instruments. Please feel free to share thoughts, information and anything else that might be relevant, here.

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