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TheSheDM is a level 27 Elite Brute (natural medium humanoid). Her natural environment is temperate rain forests, particularly in the Pacific Northwest. Of average intelligence, you can find TheSheDM traveling alone or in small packs, especially near public transit centers.

I started this blog because all the things that bubble up in my mind about D&D I wanted to share with others. There are so many other great D&D blogs out there – I can’t even list them all – and mine must surely be paltry in comparison. Eventually though I gritted my teeth and came up with TheSheDM.

Because the D&D blog scene is largely dominated by male authors, in a hobby that carries a stereotype of nerdy male gamers, I wanted to show specifically that I’m all woman. I came up with the name TheSheDM. Like ‘She Hulk’ but with more dice!

TheSheDM.jpg 5 years ago
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