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The Artifice Club, headquartered in Terminus (Atlanta, Georgia), is a non-profit steampunk and retro-enthusiast arts organization, dedicated to the appreciation and participation in all vintage visual and performing arts.

The Club’s motto is based on our philosophy. We believe that the past’s wonders are the future’s legacy. Be you builder, tailor, artisan, collector, or merely patron of the arts – the love of the old aesthetic and desire to share it is most important. We believe in the community of like-minded peers and their ability to support and aid each other. We believe that no man is an island, and through support, collaboration, and imagination great things can be achieved. We believe that while membership to our Club is both exclusive and inclusive: we focus on art and expression with one foot in the past, one in the future, and with the creative mind of the now while welcoming all to join us for the ride. New opinions and ideas are the lifeblood of any movement or philosophy. We believe that the possibilities of tomorrow are such to be embraced by all manners of those who seek it.

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CircusPunk / SteamPUNK / Death Rock / Goth for Gigglers
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Cosplay photographer
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Genre: Steampunk, Edwardian rock, alternative, rock, pop
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Welcome to Vesper-on Games, makers of Carnevale, the narrative miniature game.
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