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Known in the SCA as Kerstyn’s Zeramica. Studio 101 Pottery is a full time pottery studio. Outside the SCA, the Studio teaches Pottery Classes and sells Art. In the SCA, as Kerstyn’s Zeramica, the Studio travels to events and sells Functional Pottery, such as Mugs, Feast Gear, Cooking and Camp Pottery.

Love my bowls
  • cherry Taylor reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Teresa’s work is exquisite. I have many bowls, a mug or two, a salt it and a pitcher. All are beautiful in design and color. I used the pitcher in an entry for the local fair as a flower arrangement, and the judges commented on the high quality of the pitcher. Everyone who sees my collection remarks on how beautiful they all are. Can’t wait to add to my collection.

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Studio101Pottery.jpg 3 years ago
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