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The Storm Crow Tavern is Planet Hollywood for geeks, a sports bar for nerds: a place where gamers, sci-fi and fantasy fans can hang out, drink a tasty microbrew and nosh on tasty edibles in Vancouver’s eclectic Commercial Drive neighbourhood.

Bring your own board or card game, or borrow one from our extensive library. We have a wide selection, from Cards Against Humanity to vintage Mastermind, from classic Catan to the latest Kickstarted craze.

There are no endless sports broadcasts here… we show only classic science fiction, fantasy and horror films on our bigscreen TV.
While you’re here, peruse our extensive collection of memorabilia and curiousities, including autographs from SF legends and nerd luminaries, not to mention our giant custom Cthulhu wall shrine and unique mechanical Art-o-Mat. Just don’t mess with our armory of battle-axes, swords, crossbows, rayguns and lightsabers.
We’re licensed as a restaurant and are family-friendly.

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