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Quirky clay sculptures for miniature play or just collecting.

We stitch the threads of imagination into every piece.

I have been working with clay since Freshman year in high school, and have found I have a unique chibi art style. I think of my figures as characters that I stitch together into something real. While the real work is shaping and molding, I do not draw any prototypes or sketches ahead of time. I let the threads of my imagination weave the shape of each miniature to sew a work of art that the child inside us all can enjoy.

I like to have both fan art and my own art on the site. Each miniature is heartfelt and imprinted with my fingerprints. I like to think of that as the best signature possible, and it creates a pleasant texture as well. Just scan for fingerprints and you will know if you have a fake!

Thanks for bringing your thread of fate our way! We hope you enjoy browsing what we have to offer. May the threads ever weave in your favor.

With love from StitcheyInc.

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