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Snakes & Lattes offers a full menu of food & drink alongside a library full of games. Delivered by savvy baristas, creative bartenders, a talented kitchen staff, and table side service, the staff are available to help guests not only by making suggestions of the menu but also of the games.

A $5 admission provides access to a public library of games, with a diversity from the classics to the modern, from dexterity to trivia, from strategy to party. Whether you come for a thirty-minute Jenga duel or for an afternoon of Eldritch Horror, Snakes & Lattes is happy to host you.

Guests can choose and play any number of the available titles that pique their interest. If picking a game ever feels like a daunting proposition, guests can invite the services of a game guru: mystical, benevolent beings that Snakes & Lattes employs to recommend and teach games.

Beyond the menu and the games libraries, Snakes & Lattes also offers a vast retail selection, whether you prefer to shop in store with the help of our staff or online with free Canadian shipping.

Game on!

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