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Kevin Crawford is the sole creator and proprietor behind Sine Nomine Publishing, an enterprise dedicated to the fine art of sandbox gaming excellence.

Inspired by the classic role-playing games of decades past, Sine Nomine brings you an updated, informed take that respects the past while appreciating the experience of contemporary gamers. Most of these products fall under the “Old School Renaissance” genre, with rules and systems compatible with the great majority of other games in that category. Even so, each book is designed to be as useful as possible to those who favor other systems or styles of gaming, with system-independent tools, resources, and guides.

Try a free sample with Stars Without Number, a game of sci-fi sandbox exploration, with hard-bitten interstellar freebooters daring a hostile universe in pursuit of their own purposes. Inside, you’ll find a fitting sample of the tools and resources a reader can expect to find in a Sine Nomine book. If you like what you see, consider the full core version, with 40 additional pages covering AIs, mechs, and planetary society creation, or sample Other Dust, the post-apocalyptic companion game to Stars Without Number focused on the blasted wasteland of the far-future Earth.

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