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The show that teaches you not just how to play, but why!

Saving Throw is here to help you get started playing pen & paper RPGs. We teach, play, and talk about all sorts of games in order to help you get the most out of the game!

We love RPGs. All kinds. Pen & paper; video games – you name it, we’ve played it. We’re a group of players and GMs who, through a shared passion of RPGs and filmmaking, have banded together to create RPG content that we as fans would want to see.

Our flagship show is Saving Throw – a tutorial webseries which covers the basics of a pen & paper RPG system over the course of a season. Our inaugural season covered Pathfinder by Paizo. We also have actual play livestreams, sketches, How-To’s, and of course this site! We’re here to help you discover, learn and enjoy RPGs in an inclusive and entertaining way.

We also participate in fundraising for good causes, such as for Alzheimer’s Awareness, the Red Cross, and Extra Life. To date we’ve raised over $5000 for these charities thanks to fans like you!

Thanks for joining us on this quest! Be sure to show your support by following our various social media outlets and keep checking back for more updates. May you always make your saving throws!

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