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Welcome hearty adventurer. You’ve stumbled on my little piece of the internet, full of posts about role-playing games (especially Dungeons & Dragons) and sometimes me.

My name is Tracy Hurley and I am a gamer. For those who don’t know, while I’ve always been around gamers and Dungeons & Dragons, for a long time I didn’t play. I was nervous about playing the game wrong or not being welcome at the table. Then I listened to the hilarious Penny Arcade/PvP actual play podcasts and fell in love. Who knew you could make dick jokes while rolling dice? (My friends held out on me.) Since we were already hosting my husband’s D&D group at our house and he had wanted me to play forever, I decided to surprise him and join in the game. After a few weeks of intrigue and character creation, I joined the Dewey, Killem, and Howe adventuring company as Sarah Darkmagic, an homage to Gabe’s character Jim Darkmagic.

The rest, as they say, is history. This blog documents my exploration of the deep, deep hole that is known as tabletop gaming. It has my hopes, my fears, my accomplishments, and my defeats. It is me and what I’ve become.

Along the way, I’ve had some pretty awesome opportunities. I’ve written for companies ranging from Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Kobold Quarterly/Open Design, Margaret Weis Productions, Smart Play Games, Evil Hat Productions, and 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming. I even have a bi-monthly column on the Wizards of the Coast website, Joining the Party. I’ve made many friends and vanquished many monsters (just please dice, no more 1s).

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