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About Racaire’s medieval hand embroidery and needlework projects – embroidery and hand-sewing instructions, medieval embroidery techniques, links, book tips, photos, progress photos, museum pictures, calligraphy projects and more…

My main interest and field of expertise is European embroidery from the 11th century to the 14th century. The work on my medieval projects is based on 10 years of knowledge and experience in medieval embroidery and hand-sewing techniques.

At my blog, I provide detailed information and photos about my medieval embroidery and hand-sewing projects as well as other things like calligraphy, interesting museum exhibitions, books,… and everything else which I find interesting and good to know for my hobby – the reenactment of the medieval times. Some of my favorite medieval embroidery techniques are: Klosterstich (cloister-stitch,…), Refilsaum (Bayeux-stitch,…), German Brick Stitch, Surface Couching (Anlegetechnik,…),… …just to name a few…

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