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NorthStar Archery was founded in Gainesville, Florida in the fall of 1999 by Linda Archer. Linda has been a dedicated traditional competition archer since her late teens and has garnered numerous local, state and national titles in pursuit of her passion. Her competitive zeal has never been about bragging rights or the acquisition of trophies, but rather to perfect her own style that she could credibly share and pass on to other who share her love for the sport.

More than just a shooter, Linda is first and foremost a teacher of the art, sharing her knowledge, with novice and expert archers alike. Her devotion to teaching becomes most evident when children are around. She demonstrates a tireless patience for fitting young archers with the correct equipment, coaching and encouraging them as they find their own inner Robin Hood.

Beyond the traditional target range, Linda’s alter-ego teachers an entiorely different form of archery – that of reenactment combat. Known in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) as Sir Erika Bjornsdottir, Linda literally helped write the book on combat archery equipment, technique and safety. Working endlessly with the Society’s archery marshallate and other important innovators such as Duke Baldar Longstrider, Sir Erika has earned a legendary reputation for expertise in all things archery.

Most important is to understand that NorthStar Archery is less about profit than it is about keeping archery, in all it forms, alive and relevant to current and future generations. If you want to discover the archer in you, whether on the target range or the fields of glory, contact us and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction, get you equipped, get you trained and get you on target!

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