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Nigel’s art in form is Symbolism (Much like Surrealism), represented in either a realism or Abstracts, and in function it explores basic ideas we hold, mostly it does so by exploring questions of Reality, Love, Thought and plain old strangeness. Nigel’s belief is that art should spur conversation, not just match ones curtains. Now you may ask, “What does all this have to do with piracy?” Well, he was always a grungy, bandana wearin freak. His family was and is highly Piratical What with their last name Rogers all the family businesses are Jolly Roger this and Jolly Roger that … Not to mention their propensity for Rum. So with his families’ nautical background and the new Pirate craze, the public proclaimed him a pirate, and a pirate he was. Yet, having always loved pirates, one can say Nigel got peanut butter in his chocolate!

NigelSadeArt.jpg 3 years ago
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