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Piazza Gamurrini (torre del Cassero), 52048 Monte San Savino, Italy

The Historical and Fantasy Miniature International Contest, the “Monte San Savino Show”: one of the most important Shows in Europe for both quantity and quality of its models.
The project came from a huge love for modelling in general, adding a bit of historical knowledge and get to scale reproduction. This whole lot of features meets the deep will to create an event where all the parts are present and active, an event – half exhibition and half contest – which shows through its structure and preparation its aim to be devoted to the people, artists and modelers who join us.

A little place, like the the small medieval town called Monte San Savino (AR); a meeting point where our common passion can help people meet together and where the artistic – modelling side is combined with the playful, joyful and food sides of the land where the meeting is set.

There is, therefore, a strongly recognizable cohesion between artistic elements (both historical and fantasy), which merge whenever this event occurs: we all hope that this harmony embraces all who join us here, attracted by the curiosity to have a glance on”a world in scale.”

Held annually in November.

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