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Midian Craftworks is all about bringing stained glass and other crafty endeavors to the dark/dork side!

I’m a big fan of anime, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and gaming, and I love to create things. This is where my loves combine. I can create cool stuff, inspired by what makes me happy. *Meeting fellow fans and crafters is a nifty perk too.* 🙂

After managing a stained glass booth at a local renaissance festival, I fell in love with stained glass. I thought the medium was pretty interesting, was bored by the traditional subjects portrayed, but thought it would still be fun to learn. In 2004, I took it upon myself to learn the art of stained glass and started creating pieces inspired by the things I loved.

While stained glass is my preferred medium, I love to dabble. I could be working on a lamp one day, and some knitting or engraving the next. I never stop trying to improve and expand on my skillsets. Next skill to learn: welding!

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