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Knights of the Classroom specializes in hands-on, multi-cultural assemblies that are tailored to suit your facility, offer a wide variety of programs to match your budgets, and are exciting and educational for all ages.

Teaching history to all ages, pure education with a focus on positive self-esteem. We show students of all ages what they can do with their lives by being themselves and not following the crowd.

In addition to our assemblies, Knights of the Classroom offers a wide variety of Chainmail Jewelry and Armor. All Chainmail items are hand-crafted by artisan Daniel Andre who began making chainmail in 1983. Dan makes many unique items such as armor, jewelry, toys, household items, ornamental and decorative pieces and artistic chainmail for children to adults, and even animals! Many of his items are historically accurate.

Please be sure to check out the Chainmail Photo Album for examples of his work. Fundraisers and custom projects are available. Call for more infomation!

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