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Kaizers Orchestra is a hard-hitting, alternative rockband, with heavy eastern European influences in their rock sound. The band was founded in 2000, right after the members had partied like it was 1999, at a time when people thought the world was going under and stacked canned food in their basement in fear of computerbreakdowns and killer bees from Australia.

Kaizers Orchestra absorbed the anxiety and the populations massive fear of the breakdown of civilisations, blended it with the pounding of norwegian oilbarrels, and just came out from the cellar sounding like nothing else on the planet.

Lyrics are in Norwegian, and that is because Mr. Kaizer demanded it, so don’t feel bad if you can’t understand a thing, just know that they treat un-Norwegian subjects like war, mafia and religion, mixed with half joyous – half bitter love/drinking songs in addition to some uncomprehendible stuff. The last three albums the band released, the trilogy “Violeta Violeta” tells the tale of a little family of four struck by tragedy as one twin daughter dies and leaves the family in shreds.

The eight studioalbums the band has produced all made the # 1 spot on the Norwegian salescharts. The records presents a huge variety of songs, ever changing moods, smooth grooves, disharmonic noises and just plain beautiful tunes. It’s all in there man. Check it!

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