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The IMCF goal is to offer fighters and spectators a chance to be a part of combat martial arts in the chivalric tradition, with all of the accompanying pageantry, historical accuracy (safety permitting), technical mastery, and fierce fighting that marks this great sport and cultural movement. Safety, Honor, Sportsmanship and Fair Competition are the Hallmarks of the IMCF where all competitors are expected to behave with regard for the well being of other combatants.

It is the intent of the members that this organization will be founded on principles of honor, transparency, inclusion, and democracy. We are not seeking to lead by force or coercion; we want only the willing who wish a place to fight under rules that are known, in a tournament or series of tournaments, under which all can be assured that the outcome of the fights is proper and correct. i.e. The essence of any athletic competition is for both the participants and the spectators to know that the best team truly was crowned.

Our events are entirely the product of our own efforts and those of volunteers. This is as it should be. We will marshall, judge, and fight because of our love for this sport and what it means culturally to all of us, both individually and collectively. We will exclude no one who is willing to fight under our rules and shares our beliefs about fair and honorable medieval sport combat.

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