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Since 1996, Historic Enterprises, Inc. has been dedicated to bringing an unparalleled collection of the highest quality reproduction items to historic sites and historical enthusiasts worldwide. With wares ranging from armour to pottery, clothing, leather, horn and woodware, cutlery and more, we want to be the “one-stop shop” for all your reenactment needs.

Accuracy in reproduction is our goal, and research is the key to achieving that goal. All of our offerings are based on historical material, and many are exact reproductions of extant artifacts currently residing in museums and private collections.

All reproductions are either made in our own workshops, or are crafted specially for us by carefully selected, highly skilled artisans. The majority are made exclusively for us according to our own prototypes, and you won’t find them anywhere else.

While our current product line focuses on the 14th and 15th centuries, we are constantly expanding to include other periods. Please check back often for new offerings. If there’s an item you’d like us to develop, please feel free to email us. We always welcome suggestions for new products.

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Simply the best

I have been buying from Historic Enterprises for many years and have always received the absolute BEST in clothing, gear, accessories, etc. Their products are well-researched and very authentic. Customer service is top notch! 

Highly recommend buying any of their off the rack clothing items! You won’t be disappointed!


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