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Jared von Hindman, Berlin-based painter, cartoonist and humorist, is, among other things, the writer and illustrator of the Dragon Magazine column, “D&D Outsider,” a satirical and practical approach to everything wrong with the fantasy genre. This is a natural progression from his infamous 2006 article “Stupid Monsters of D&D.” Jared is a regular cartoonist for Dungeons and Dragons, and his designs have been produced on merchandise ranging from T-shirts to the competition-winning sneakers, “Goblin Stompers.” He was also commissioned with producing promotional art for several series of D&D Miniatures and for R. A. Salvatore’s Ghost King. Jared was honored to be the primary artist for MonCon 2010, the first Monsterpocalypse convention, and he was a contributing artist for the card game Dungeon Crawler. Further work in the gaming community has included promotional art for the German role playing game Ratten as well as the online game Kingdom of Loathing.

Jared’s works are collected in his internet portfolio and entertainment website, Head Injury Theater (www.headinjurytheater.com). Since its inception in 2005, Head Injury Theater has received well over 10 million unique visitors, at which point he stopped counting. The art he produces ranges from funny and cute to dark and disturbing, but always with a unique sense of style. His work has been featured for promotional use by the Bangkok Opera, Berlin International Opera, the Living Opera of Texas, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology among others. His illustrations have been used in several textbooks and CD covers. His cartoons have appeared in such varied venues as The Florida Times Union, Fox News, and The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon Book. With a bit of luck, they will continue to appear in stranger and more unexpected places.

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