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For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been fascinated by the craft of making clothes. I worked in costuming for the theatre and taught costume construction while earning my BA in Costume Research and Technology from the University of Vermont and then my MFA in Costume Tech from Penn State University. Now I’ve come home to Vermont and opened Green Mountain Garb, where I can unite my love for fabric and for history.

All of my creations are handcrafted with care in my home in the mountains. The historical garments I make are more than costumes; they are clothes, constructed from quality fabrics and intended to be worn. I am happy to work with you to craft the ideal outfit for your needs – whether that’s the right garb for your SCA persona, a costume for your American history character, a special dress for your themed wedding, or the outfit that you would wear everyday if the universe had been designed with you in mind.

As a seamstress who has made the majority of my own clothes for years, I love having the freedom to look however I choose. I hope that by bringing centuries’ worth of fashionable options within your reach, Green Mountain Garb will empower you to make your dreams wearable.

Green Mountain Garb is young and growing, and I am planning to add some ready-made items to my stock over the next few months. So check back often for updates or follow on Facebook if you would like to keep informed.

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