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We sell Medieval Armor, Swords and Clothing as well as a Full Line of LARP (live action role playing) Items.

Our armor is first class and includes both costume armor as well as SCA Armor. If it’s a Suit of Armor you are looking for we have them as well. Medieval armor helmets, Chain Mail coifs and shirts. Everything one needs to be ready for battle.

We also carry a full line of Medieval swords. We have Medieval Swords, Movie Swords, Roman Swords, Viking Swords, Battle Ready Swords, Medieval Wooden Practice Swords. Our Swords range in quality from display/costume quality to higher end Ready For Battle Swords.

A Full line of Medieval Weaponry is also Available. Axes, Spears and Spearheads, Flails and if it is a Medival Dagger you are looking for we have those as well.

We also carry a Full Line of Medieval Renaissance Clothing. Whether for costumes or Re-enactment we have it all. We have Medieval Clothing for Women and Medieval Clothing for Men as well as Children.

Finally we have a full line of LARP (live action role playing) Products. Everything from LARP Weapons, LARP Armor, LARP Helmets, LARP Swords and LARP Costumes. We also have a large selection of SCA quality Armor, Swords and Weapons.

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