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Baroness Kalè al-Raqqasa began this business years ago. Her nickname was Weasel Woman and the lady she was working with at the time was Wiltrout, thus “Fish-N-Weasel” was born. The Fish part of the name has since left and I, A’isha, have taken over as Sturdy Assistant in the shop.

Kalè still makes Jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings using semi-precious stones. She also makes hand-painted period games and boxes.

My contribution to the shop is anything fiber arts: hats, gloves, soap-saver bags, shawls, and cat toys. I also make Chain mail bracelets and earrings. Oh, and SOAP can’t forget the soap.

All our products are reasonably priced. We go by the philosophy of “how much would I pay for that thing”. We have Paypal if you’d like to order from this page. Just contact one of us via private message and we’ll be happy to work things out. We also attend SCA events throughout the year, so come by and visit the shop!

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