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Farthingales Corset Making Supplies


Farthingales is where you’ll find corset making supplies; coutil, bones, and busks. You’ll also find hoop steel for making hoop skirts, cage crinolines and bustles. Need a few millinery supplies? You’ll find that too.

To keep the art of corset making alive and make “hard to find” costume supplies available to anyone. Our products are all theater quality unless stated otherwise which means they’re durable and if used properly will make long lasting costumes

Farthingales is an internet based Canadian Company that opened January 2nd 1998. We ship corset making supplies all over the world as well as some hard to find costume supplies such as top quality hoop steel, millinery wire, buckram and garters. We invented and sell “hoop connectors” and a bone cutting and tipping tool. Our products have been used in several movies in both Canada and the US.

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