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How Fluff came to be

Way, way back and ages ago (okay, it was really only like 15 years ago XD) the only places I could find anime was on VHS at a Suncoast, a convention or watching the terrible dubs of Sailor Moon/DBZ on Cartoon Network after school. =)

Despite the difficulty of finding anime at the time, a love of the genre was sparked with series like Fushigi Yugi, Slayers, Bakaretsu Hunters and led to my current day passion for cosplaying and crafting. Since I made my first costume in 2002 I have continued to expand on my sewing skills as well as computer graphics, plush making, hand embroidery, and lately I’ve been learning the art of corsetry and chain mail. =D

The goal is to always keep learning new crafts/skills and improving upon the ones already learned since there’s always something new to learn. ^_^

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