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Custom built katana experts.

Welcome to Dragon Song Forge. This is where the weapons from Dragon Song Weapons originate. On this site, you can build your own sword, purchase parts and learn. The company was established in 2000, since then we specialize in custom built traditionally made katanas. We have a various list of endorsers and that list is constantly growing. We currently have six master swordsmiths and forty-two apprentices and are gladly accepting new masters and you can contact us for contract information. We do specialize in apprentice blades because they offer good quality for a reasonable price.

Sword claims?

Okay, so I was looking for a practical sword, and 1 of the main reasons I went to Wizard con was to get 1.  So I see this booth and ask for 1.  This guy has a lot of talk, shows me a video of people cutting plastic bottles through with swords, shows this sword can cut through his business cards pretty easy.  So I pay about $600.  I’m guaranteed a warranty lasting a year, meaning a free sharpening.   Well, the sword couldn’t cut bottles, and I have major doubts it could stand up to other swords or anything practical without dulling immediately.   I called the number on the card and they said see the website for mailing address.  The website doesn’t work.  Now they won’t return my calls…  This is dragonsongforge. 

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Very strange

I’m responding to the prior rating, every sword  we sell that’s a real sword (we have replicas to and tell everyone they are replicas)  we show how sharp it is, we remove the handle to show the tang upon request, and give a lifetime warranty that includes one free sharpening and one free repair. I’ve never been contacted by you, we have face book on the card, store number too, emails on newer cards and yet you’ve never contacted us. Please do If your real and it was one of our real swords we’ll happily test it, repair it or sharpen it if needed.

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