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Darren Carnall - Sixth Scale Sculpting & Painting


Hi, I’m Darren and I paint & sculpt 1/6 scale figures.

I know, amazing introduction, huh. Anyway here’s a bit about me…

I was born here in Liverpool in the UK, where I’ve lived all my life. I always liked drawing and making things as a child… and this never really left me.

I was a financial advisor for a while, but my childhood epilepsy came back around 13 years ago and I had to stop working. It was during the next ten years that I started painting again (oils on canvas) and sculpting/painting toys & figures as a hobby to stop the boredom.

From this people started to get in touch asking me to do the same for them… and so it started slowly, and very quickly built up until I had a waiting list of something like 24 pages long! Now it’s what I do for a living!

Just goes to show things can work out for the best if you’re lucky. I’d have never thought of leaving my finance job to paint toys for a living… the epilepsy forced me to do something as a hobby, and luckily there’s a market there for it.

I’m one of the lucky few who gets to work from home, doing what he loves.

I hope you can enjoy my work with me!

DarrenCarnall.jpg 4 years ago
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