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D20Collective is quite simply the finest marketplace this side of the gaming table. Our mission is to roll a natural 20, providing the finest gamer clothing line in the global market. We also have great products to help you rule the board. We strive to put the “Class” in “Armor Class.”

UPDATE: There has been a LOAD of issues with customers not receiving our emails. And it wasn’t until the Hedronix Dice came out where we really realized the gravity of the sitaution. 

We Had NO IDEA how much love and support from the community we were going to receive when it came to the Hedronix Dice Collection.

And with the holidays right around the corner…we also didn’t anticipate so much trouble we could have caused!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve emailed me (Doug) or you’ve reached out to support asking about your Order.

A few folks with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo addresses (..you know…the top 3 most used email services…*sigh*) have not received our emails for some reason. Which as of January 2nd we finally (hopefully) got it all resolved by migrating the server over to another provider.

The most frustrating thing about all of this for us is that we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers – to find out that customers have felt like we haven’t replied to them and left them in the dark is unsettling to say the least.

So we need to profusely apologize for the confusion and concern you may have.

In regards to the dice orders – here’s what cause the cluster of a situation

Long story short – our fulfillment system glitched out which allowed customers to buy dice that were out of stock…which caused orders to have labels printed but not actually be shipped out…which resulted in several people being quite confused as to why they haven’t received their order.

So with the link below, you can fill out any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and make sure you add “support@d20collective.com” to your “safe senders” list.


We appreciate you beyond measure and while anyone who has had issues with us is justified in their frustrations – we want to make it right. 🙂

Slowest shipment in the world!

It took 3 DAYS to get my shipment in. And I ONLY GOT 1 OF 4 THAT I ORDERED!!! Also this company has a $7 standard shipment fee. I understand if it was free shipping for this long but come on! My other 3 dice sets are all still being processed!! Also all of their metal dice are WAY overpriced. Like $50-$125 for a set of 7. WHAT??? I’m never buying from these guys ever again, and I suggest to others to never buy from them either!

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Zero Customer Service

Order a shirt and dice. Dice were fantastic! Clothing was 3 sizes too small. They offer exhanges, cool. They only offer an email, which you get from the same generic “James” stating they’ll look into it. Nothing after. Several attempts later, nothing beyond the generic response. Since the first email, I’ve exceeded their 45 day guarantee. This is how they get you.

Would not recommend.

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Great Customer Service

I bought a hexchest and four sets of dice from them in febuary.  All in all the order took quite awhile to get to me but patience is easy enough. The issue came when only two of my sets of dice actually got to me. So I sent out an email to Support@D20collective.com and got a reply within an hour or so. I spoke to James and he was very helpful. He is the Paladin of Customer Service after all. He fixed the issue and got me my replacements sent. I got them within a week, which was faster than the orignal order itself. If it wasn’t for the long wait and the fact that my order was wrong when I got it. Would’ve given a better rating.

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Amazing Product-leather Journal
  • Shawn Kelley reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

I cannot believe the quality of this Journal! Hand made, the pages are hand made. My wife absolutely loved this . I will be buying plenty more of these and other items for sure from these guys!

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Great experience once everything was resolved.

I ordered a codex dice tower, invisible dice tower, 1,000ml glass skull decanter, and 1.50z game master’s mini skull death chalice.

The codex dice tower was delivered quicker than expected and is a fantastic product.

However, I had some issues with the remaining products: a small crack appeared during assembly with the invisible dice tower (apart from that, it is a good product), the 1,000ml glass skull decanter is a cheap knock off of Crystal Head Vodka and the 1.5oz game master’s mini skull death chalice shattered during transit.

I e-mailed support@d20collective.com regarding these issues. It was resolved quickly and satisfactorily and I couldn’t be happier.

I would recommend D20 Collective after my experience. It wasn’t a perfect experience but I’m still very happy.

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Good but not Great

I ordered from the store and had read a few reviews here and wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I’d saw a nest of bad reviews but they had some really awesome dice available. Ordering them was simple and easy. I got one of their deals that they seem to always be offering, which makes me wonder if they’re actually deals or not. I purchased my product on 11/21/17 and hadn’t received it for over a month. I spoke to James in the meantime and he was helpful and explained an issue they had with stock but assured me they’d be sent in due time. I was getting really worried before Christmas came around and I got an email from them offering me some options to resolve the stock issue. They apologized to me and I chose the option to get more dice. All in all. I waited some time, which is really the only reason I’m not giving a 5 star review.  The dice are amazing! And it did take awhile to get ahold of them the first time. Because in all their emails the actualy email link wasn’t working. It was spelled wrong and of course you couldn’t reply to the questgiver or the orders email cause it kept bouncing back. If you need help they now have a form you can fill out on the site that’s how I was able to actually get into contact with them.

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Very helpful once I found the best email address

I wrote an earlier review stating we ordered something, received the incorrect item, but could not get in touch with anyone. After continuing to read these reviews I discovered an email address we had not used to try to communicate with D20 Collective. If you have trouble getting a response use doug@d20collective.com. Once I sent an email to this email address I got an immediate response, and they quickly took care of our issue.

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Won't respond - Wrong Item recevied

My husband ordered three shirts from D20Collective.  He received an entirely different order of a Sommerville Wrestling jacket and shirt.  There isn’t a phone number listed on the website so he has been emailing them for a week trying to resolve the issue.  So far they have not responded to his emails.  We realize mistakes are made, but there is no excuse for not having a customer service phone number or not responding to emails.  We would like to return the wrong items and receive the original items ordered.

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An unfortunate turn of events- Involving Dice and no responses

I saw on Facebook that there was a sale going for this website that worked well for Christmas presents. I went on and placed an order on the 13th of November, thinking that the 1-2 week shipping time would still give me enough time (even if delayed) to get the dice for Christmas. I placed a second order which I had to have them cancel due to an error on my part so so far so good. However, when I placed the order again on the 17th, still under the thought that it would make it in time, I had no idea that I would still be waiting into January!

I believe it was December 14th or thereabouts that I received an email saying that they’d been swamped, although I didn’t see how my (almost) 100 dollars worth of orders had anything to do with that, thinking that they should’ve been beyond that.

They weren’t.

And almost all of the emails I sent after went unreplied. I have sent something close to ten emails to them, trying to figure out what is going on when lo and behold, suddenly my first package is in the mail and will be at my house the very next day. I sent an email trying to -at least- get in touch with them, but no response.

I’ve just looked at my other order and it’s due in two days.

WHY OH WHY couldn’t these have been sent sooner?

Or at the very least, WHY OH WHY couldn’t they have responded to any of my MANY emails?

The dice I’ve seen so far are of a decent quality but for fear of this happening again, I WILL NOT BE RETURNING to this website ever again. In fact, I will warn people away for their sake. A 1-2 week guarantee is supposed to mean something. Even with Christmas being involved, it shouldn’t have been more than a month before they were shipped.

I am disappointed that my experience turned out this way.

As a side note, in case D20 sees this and tries to say I can’t see their email, I Can. I was able to get that order that I messed up cleared up within a DAY of my mistake. And they responded to me at first when I asked about the inventory issues. However, I have not received any other contact since then.

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The Never Shipping Product

Maybe I’ve grown spoiled by being an Amazon Prime member.  Maybe I should have been more patient.

But, no, screw that. When you push an ad at someone, you should be prepared to fulfill the goddamn order.

I ordered a simple, basic dice bag in mid-October on the assumption that mid-October was PLENTY of time to get something for Christmas.

October came to a close, and no dice bag.

November came to a close, and no dice bag. I tried to contact them, but I got NO response to two different emails I sent asking about the dice bag I had paid for.

December — and the Christmas season — came and went, and STILL no dice bag.


Finally, in January, I got tired of waiting for these fly-by-night slackers, canceled my order, and requested a refund.

The only reason they’re getting two stars instead of one is that they issued me a refund the same day I asked for it. Why they couldn’t have responded as efficiently to my two emails asking about the whereabouts of the dice bag I don’t know, but at least I’m free and clear of them now.


If you want a cool dice bag, go over to Etsy. They’ve got some really cool ones, and you’ll actually get your product.

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  • D20 Collective
    Hey Kraig, We updated this listing on Geek Pages to explain the issues with the emails. If you haven’t yet, shoot me an email doug(at)d20collective(dot)com and I’ll get you sorted out. We’ll make this right!
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