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D20Collective is quite simply the finest marketplace this side of the gaming table. Our mission is to roll a natural 20, providing the finest gamer clothing line in the global market. We also have great products to help you rule the board. We strive to put the “Class” in “Armor Class.”

UPDATE: There has been a LOAD of issues with customers not receiving our emails. And it wasn’t until the Hedronix Dice came out where we really realized the gravity of the sitaution. 

We Had NO IDEA how much love and support from the community we were going to receive when it came to the Hedronix Dice Collection.

And with the holidays right around the corner…we also didn’t anticipate so much trouble we could have caused!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve emailed me (Doug) or you’ve reached out to support asking about your Order.

A few folks with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo addresses (..you know…the top 3 most used email services…*sigh*) have not received our emails for some reason. Which as of January 2nd we finally (hopefully) got it all resolved by migrating the server over to another provider.

The most frustrating thing about all of this for us is that we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers – to find out that customers have felt like we haven’t replied to them and left them in the dark is unsettling to say the least.

So we need to profusely apologize for the confusion and concern you may have.

In regards to the dice orders – here’s what cause the cluster of a situation

Long story short – our fulfillment system glitched out which allowed customers to buy dice that were out of stock…which caused orders to have labels printed but not actually be shipped out…which resulted in several people being quite confused as to why they haven’t received their order.

So with the link below, you can fill out any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you and make sure you add “support@d20collective.com” to your “safe senders” list.


We appreciate you beyond measure and while anyone who has had issues with us is justified in their frustrations – we want to make it right. 🙂

  • Christopher Dulany reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Just FYI I had a terrible experience with D20. Ordered the wrong size (was much smaller than I had anticipated) so I wanted to return for a larger size. First they didn’t know if they could do it. Then they had to “contact their distributor”, then I had to fill out an RMA and pay to ship back. Then nothing for over a month. I reached out in March….”we will look into it”. June 15…nothing. No contact.

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As expected

I ordered a Skyrim necklace from D20. The necklace took a while to get to me and the quality was less then a previous necklace I had of the same design that I had given away to a friend, but it was incredibly cheep, and I mean really easy on my wallet! which is why I had considered ordering it so for the price it was not a bad deal.

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Fantastic products - inattentive and untimely customer service!
worst ever.png

I LOVE these products. They’re some of the best I’ve seen.

But this is the absolute worst customer experience, and I do not have a good impression as it’s my first actual interaction. The person I dealt with did not apologize for the long response times, did not follow up on the solution they offered, did not reply for as many as SIX DAYS. The long wait times caused my product to not come out as I had hoped, even though it was my mistake. If there was nothing that could’ve been done, I would’ve accepted that had “Jen” owned the problem and communicated effectively. Instead, my emails and request for assistance were ignored for days at a time and there was clearly 0 commitment to ensuring that solution worked for me.

See transcript of my customer service conversation here:

View post on imgur.com

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  • D20 Collective
    Hey Elizabeth! It’s Doug from D20 Collective – Jen is a fantastic support rep, and this is ultimately my fault. We’re in the process of undergoing a lot of changes and new hires. When a question arises she is unfamiliar with, I’ve always asked her to reach out to me on what to do. Unfortunately my email client was on the fritz, then I was out of town with limited access to email. While this was terrible timing on my part. I’d still like to make it right for you. If you get a chance, please email at: doug (at) d20collective (dot) com I’ll be happy to help you. :)
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Amazing Product-leather Journal
  • Shawn Kelley reviewed 1 year ago
  • last edited 1 year ago

I cannot believe the quality of this Journal! Hand made, the pages are hand made. My wife absolutely loved this . I will be buying plenty more of these and other items for sure from these guys!

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They made good on it

I out my order in the middle of July of 2015 for a really cool Skyrim necklace for my wife’s birthday. Well after a mi the of waiting I never got it so I emailed the company and they said they would look I to it. Never heard from them again until a month ago and now I have my awesome necklace. Side note that “wife” of mine was a cheating lier and left so now I get the necklace, boosh double win!

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Love my shirt

I found D20 a while back when j was searching for gaming t-shirts. I bought one then and just bought another.  The quality of the shirts if great – soft, comfortable, and sizing is right on.


I’ve gotten some emails from them apologizing for any poor customer service I may have received.  I have only had good experiences with them, but I am impressed with how hard they are trying to correct any wrongs.  Good job D20

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This site is just reselling Alibaba bags at a %200 markup.
  • Will Notbefooled reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Just a note:
This site (D20) is a total scam.
They’re literally selling you leather bags off of alibaba:
[Links to Alibaba redacted by Editor]
At a %200 markup.
If you want to get the bags, sick! They’re great bags. But for the love of god do not pay $100 for them.

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  • D20 Collective
    Hey Owen (I imagine that’s your name based on the email address), What I find interesting about this review is that had another product review on our store about the bags saying how low quality they were…yet were not a customer. They then tried to promote another leather company. And now – literally within days we have a review on here with someone trying to devalue our business saying we’re a total scam. We have over 17,000 customers. Unfortunately, we don’t have 17,000 reviews – but I reckon if we did; the vast majority would be positive. As for your Alibaba accusation – we do not use Alibaba for anything. However yes, we DO have a manufacturer we buy these from, and yes we DO have a markup on them – because…that’s business? Go into any store and ask to pay cost or wholesale cost on a product and they will look at your like you’re crazy. If you know how to find products for cheaper – then by all means go buy the cheaper products. We’re not in the business to rip people off. If someone finds a bag cheaper – by all means go for it – if you’re satisfied with your purchase then that’s what matters. But when people buy a product from us – they don’t just buy a product – they buy a piece of our company and we will bend over backwards to make sure they are satisfied. Every single review on this site that was negative, I’ve attempted to reach out personally to handle their issues. We most definitely had issues in the beginning, as I’m fully aware other issues will arise. If you’re intention is to discredit our company, then that’s your prerogative. We will continue making sure our customers are taken care of. If you have any questions, you know how to contact us :D
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Great Customer Service

I bought a hexchest and four sets of dice from them in febuary.  All in all the order took quite awhile to get to me but patience is easy enough. The issue came when only two of my sets of dice actually got to me. So I sent out an email to Support@D20collective.com and got a reply within an hour or so. I spoke to James and he was very helpful. He is the Paladin of Customer Service after all. He fixed the issue and got me my replacements sent. I got them within a week, which was faster than the orignal order itself. If it wasn’t for the long wait and the fact that my order was wrong when I got it. Would’ve given a better rating.

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Great company with some really cool merchandise.

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A complete, positive turnaround

I’ve only purchased one item from this site, however it arrive quickly and accurately.

I’ve gotten a couple of e-mails from the team running the site about the troubles they’ve had and their concern in getting them sorted out.

Overall I would recommend the site, emphasizing that if you run into any trouble, the company is more than happy to help!

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