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Where do we start with Steampunk? For those of you not in the know, it may be pretty obvious from the selection you see below what it’s all about. Steampunk stems from the literary genre and is basically a celebration of Victorian engineering but with a modern twist; our steampunk corsets are generally brown in color (though at Corset Story, we do like to give you an alternative!) and dotted and embellished with cogs, studs, and chains – you can see for yourself! The fun doesn’t end once you’ve put the corset on – then you get the chance to accessorize to your heart’s content. Goggles, hats and parasols are all very common Steampunk accessories and they’ll certainly get you looking the part. Even if you weren’t aware of it until now, we’re sure that some of these amazing designs have already caught your eye. It’s not just about the corsets when it comes to Steampunk either; we have a great selection of skirts and leggings too so you can mix and match at will.

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