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Developed by Peter Adkison  (of Wizards of the Coast and GenCon), Chaldea LLC was formed to create the World of Chaldea and stories therein for publication in fiction, art, film, and comics. Chaldea is a gritty fantasy world that leans heavily on inspiration from real-world history and mythologies. The Chaldea story is an epic one, following several protagonists who start off in different kingdoms around the world. When the Emperor of Chaldea is assassinated, his world-wide empire falls into chaos. As time passes we learn what unites these characters as the deeper mysteries at work are revealed.

The World of Chaldea and its stories will primarily be distributed direct to fans through the website. Our goal with this project is to tell the story we want to tell, and this is more important to us than profitability. After 25 years of being serious about business, this is our chance to put art above money.

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