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Don’t feel like reaching or passing dice across the table? Need a built-in timer for those who take too long of turns? Or maybe you fancy yourself as a devious DM (dungeon master) that initiates encounters with a double-clap of hands? The Boogie Dice can make games a little more exciting and inventive. And if the battery runs out, you can still roll them like any other.

Each six-sided, 25 mm square Boogie Dice is packed with a vibration motor, microphone, microprocessor, rechargeable battery and a trio of LED lights. Users will be able to program settings for sound sensitivity, roll duration, LED behavior and more through either the mobile app (iOS and Android compatible) or website. And since Boogie Dice are programmed by sound, so there’s no need to pair or plug anything in. When placed on the included charging station, the dice take about 40 minutes to fully-charge, which is good for up to 30 minutes of continuous rolling or 500 activations.

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