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Black Oak Games grew out of my love for games and puzzles. I enjoy playing them, playing with them, and I even enjoy learning how to play them and creating them. I’ve wanted to get into the business of games for some time, as I think they are intellectual pursuits that can also bring joy to a lot of people.

Celtic Knots is my first published game. It was an idea I had a couple of years ago, and I just couldn’t let it go. Looking at Celtic knots, I love the beauty and the order of the patterns – and while there are any number of amazing puzzle games that could be created using Celtic knots, this was the one that came to mind first and (quite honestly) seemed like it wouldn’t be too difficult to make.

Two years later, it is finally ready, and I look forward to finding out how everyone enjoys it! My daughter already tells me everyone will love it.

BlackOakGames.png 5 years ago
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