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Let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Irina and Palo Uherchik, we are from Bratislava, Slovakia. As a hobby we are doing re-enactment of Normans in 12th century. All our free time we dedicate to studying of medieval history of living, dressing up, cooking, fighting, crafting and trading in Europe during Middle Ages.
Palo has master degree in history and fine Arts. My master degree specialisations are very prosaic – economics and geology. I think bigger influence why we’ve started with Beatrix shop project comes from my character. As my granny used to say, I’m a “magpie” – love small shiny things 🙂

About project Beatrix shop
Project is in very beginning. We’ve started with production of medieval jewelry in October 2016. You can find on our e-shop about 15 types of rings and today we’re working on 60 new jewelries: pendants, brooches, reliquaries and rings. New models will be presented step by step from May till October 2017.

As for re-enactors, for us the most valuable thing is to have accessories made according to real findings. That’s why all jewelries we’re working on are based on historical artworks you can find in collections of different museums of the world.

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