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A mix of German and English members, With nearly 600 gigs, 5 albums worth of original songs, showcases in Hamburg, Berlin, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, London, Birmingham and tours across 2 continents.

Headlining Stages at prestigious festivals like Bearded Theory, The Boulder Fringe Festival, The Nightmare Machine, Anomaly Con and the Rock and Blues.

BB BlackDog have become a live Band not to miss. with a full Stage show using Pole Dancers, Burlesque, Belly Dancers, Fun and Games, all in the Best possible Taste ;-).

Using no overdubs, playing simple catchy music, remaining fiercely independent, and powered by a rapidly growing, loyal band of supporters, headed by a Steampunk adoption, BB BlackDog are different, and that’s a good thing.

Promoting Steampunk and arranging events Like the Steampunk Solstice, the Steampunk Experience at Alt-Fest, the Steampunk Illuminations and many more, we Have Experience in Promotion, Event planning, Pro Sound, as well as running the logistics of events,

Drawing on a wide range of experience from not just the Band but our growing group of Helpers.

We Also run steampunkrecords, helping and promoting other Bands in the Genre.

We’re Not just a band, we’re a movement

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