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Nicole Brune’s new and different take on characters really got the attention of fans who refer to her as “the next Olivia”. It’s not surprising since every major pin-up artist has taken her under their respected wings critiquing her work over the years. These include Greg Hildebrandt, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, Dave Nestler, Lorenzo Sperlonga and Olivia De Berardinis. As the world turns digital, because of the intricate detail of her oil and pencil work she is becoming the artist’s artist. Her work is able to stand next to artists with 10+ years more experience. Nicole is always happy to share advice and techniques with aspiring artists. Combined with her beauty on and off camera, as well as her friendliness and approachability, her fan base continues to grow exponentially!

Her popularity has grown by leaps and bounds. She started getting attention with what has been called “the most perfect mermaid ever”, and she received more attention with her 5 part oil painted Fetish in Wonderland series. Her work with Comic and Pop Culture characters is making Nicole a growing Comic Con fan favorite.

In the first part of 2012, she was commissioned to make a “alternative girl” version of Princess Leia and came up with Daddy’s Little Princess. Since then she has done more alternative versions of existing characters like DC’s Black Canary and Zatanna as well as female pin-up versions of Chewbacca and Han Solo.

Nicole’s works have been seen in multiple magazines, Married to Rock on E!, PlayboyTV, G4TV, and more. Her work has been licensed for use on drum sticks, guitar picks, guitars, boats, shirts, vintage metal signs, stickers, posters and sold-out Limited Editions. She has designed tattoos, and cosplayers are making outfits based on her unique takes on existing characters. Most recently she has been an invited guest to multiple Comic-Cons and Panels as well as cover artist for various publishers.

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