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Featured Listing: Harlots & Angels

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What Is It:Continuing in our theme of patterns, this week we are talking about Steampunk patterns.  Just like last week, finding some original patterns (as opposed to the commercial ones made by Simplicity or similar) took a bit of searching, but in the end – I was successful!Meet Harlots & Angels, based in the UK.  They […]

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Featured Listing: Bad Wolf Patterns

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What Is It:So, I’ve been going with a theme for the featured listings lately.  The current theme is “patterns.”  First, we had Cosplay patterns by McCall’s, then last week, we had the Inkarnate Map tool (the closest thing to patterns I could come up with for gaming).  I looked high and low for this week’s […]

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Featured Listing: Cosplay by McCall’s

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What Is It:If you’ve ever thought about sewing something from scratch, you’ve probably heard of McCall’s.  They’ve been making sewing patterns since 1870 – everything from ​hand towels to elaborate suits and gowns, and everything in between.  They’ve always had costume patterns, but as with other pattern companies, they were mostly cheesy, too simple or dated.  Not […]

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Featured Listing: Steampunk Rally

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What Is It:If you want to surround yourself with fun Steampunk goodies (and really, who doesn’t?), don’t stop with just the usual clothes and jewelry.  There’s so much more.For instance, check out this board game, Steampunk Rally.Show Me:Steampunk Rally is a board game for up to 8 players with the theme of inventors racing their vehicles […]

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Featured Listing: Mertailor

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What Is It:Have you ever wished you were something different?  Maybe something with scales.  Not like a fish, more like…. a mermaid?Well, now you can have the best of both worlds.  You can be a mer-person AND still be your normal human self.  Just put on one of these swimmable mertails made by the Mertailor […]

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Featured Listing: Terranscapes

Featured Listing: TerranScapes banner | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:Tabletop role-playing games are often called “theater of the mind.”  The mechanics of rolling dice, and writing up character stats are just tools to help the players move through an imaginary world and scenario, inventing their characters’ actions as they go along.Some people prefer to play with nothing *but* the mind to create the […]

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Featured Listing: Frontier Costuming

Featured Listing: Frontier Costsuming

What Is It:Cosplay has become this huge *thing.*  It’s everywhere – cosplayers at every possible event, cosplay TV shows, web shows, and articles being published by major news outlets.  ​It just makes a person want to throw on a costume and get involved, am I right?  (Especially costume lovers like us SCA geeks.) But maybe you don’t […]

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Featured Listing: Galloglass Brasses

TheGeekPages.com Featured Listing: Galloglass Brasses

What Is It:Have you ever looked at elaborate Medieval works of art and wished you could have some for your own home?  Galloglass Brasses is here to make your wish come true.​Specifically, Galloglass can create an original piece in the style of Medieval brasses or recreate an historical piece, just for you.  Show Me:Brasses like […]

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