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Featured Listing: Steelhip Design

Featured Listing: Steelhip Design | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:Here we are, at the last category in our Jewelry theme – Steampunk.  There is a lot of Steampunk jewelry out and about, but this week’s featured listing really grabbed my attention.Please meet Steelhip Design​Show Me:It’s easy to slap a gear on something and call it Steampunk.  But there are a few artisans […]

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Featured Listing: Paul Michael Design

Featured Listing: Paul Michael Design | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:As the Sundry category post in the Jewelry theme, I chose Paul Michael Design.  This fine jewelry maker is proof positive that geeks have inherited the world.  There are so many of us (and we’re apparently spending enough money), that even expensive fine jewelry is being designed to cater to our nerdy interests.Show Me:Paul […]

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Featured Listing: Mage Studio

Featured Listing: Mage Studio | TheGeekPages.com

Continuing in our theme of Jewelry, this week’s featured listing is in the Gaming category.What Is It:There are tons of merchants out there selling jewelry for video gamers.  Sadly, not as many are creating goodies for tabletop gamers.  But I managed to find a few.Now, I am pleased to introduce Mage Studio.​Show Me:Mage Studio makes tabletop gaming […]

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Featured Listing: Geekout Props

Featured Listing: Geekout Props | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:Our next listing in the Jewelry theme is Geekout Props.  In each of these themes, there is always at least one category that just doesn’t really fit.  Within this theme, Cosplay is our problem child.I looked long and hard to find jewelry that was really cosplay inspired or designed just for cosplayers, and […]

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Featured Listing: Bakchus

Featured Listing: Bakchus | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:Our final featured Music listing is in the SCA category.  Bakchus is a band of Medieval ​musicians from the Czech Republic.  First coming together in 2006, they’ve performed all over Europe and even Japan, as well as appearing in films and television shows.  Show Me:Here are some images from past concerts.  I wonder […]

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Featured Listing: Lindsey Stirling

Featured Listing: Lindsey Stirling

What Is It:This week’s Music featured listing is in the Sundry category because her performances incorporate a variety of themes – Steampunk, Gaming, pop music and original music.You may already know of this artist, but if not – I’m excited to introduce you to Lindsey Stirling!Lindsey Stirling is a violinist and dancer who combined her skills […]

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Featured Listing: Tabletop Audio

Featured Listing: Tabletop Audio | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:Continuing in our theme of music, this week’s featured listing is in the Gaming category.The goal in role-playing is to experience an adventure in an imaginary world.  But sometimes, the mechanics enc up taking center stage and the imagination gets buried.  Using a tool like Tabletop Audio can help you you and your players see, feel, and […]

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Featured Listing: Player Piano

banner image for Featured Listing: Player Piano

Last week, I finished up the “Patterns” theme for Featured Listings posts with the Margo’s Patterns post in the SCA category. So this week, we are start with a whole new theme. Our next theme is “Music,” and I will be showing you listings that celebrate music in all of the different categories here at The […]

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Featured Listing: Margo’s Patterns

banner image for Featured Listing: Margo's Patterns | TheGeekPages.com

What Is It:The last category in our Patterns theme is Medieval or Renaissance patterns for SCA (or other reenactors).  Unlike the other categories, I found several independent pattern makers! I haven’t used any of them myself, so I looked for reviews to see which ones were the best.  The only one I could find any real […]

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